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There's a place I crave to be

Along a pathway by the sea


Where sugar sand sweeps through the dunes


Softly whispering its tunes


To draw me on to water's edge


Nestling in its rock pool ledge


Calling me with dipped toes brave


Mid-calf then waist in rippled wave


Serene, so calm, with floating hair


Allowing thoughts to catch the air


I wish that I could be there soon


Surrendering to this cool lagoon


September 2020


Open space,

Still in this place,

This place of calm,

To float on thoughts, thoughts to encapsulate

Blue sky thinking

Freedom of escape, de-stressing the mind


Bathed in the rays of the sun,

A sense of renewal begun

As a shroud of silken blue to enrobe,

To comfort, to complete, to pass unnoticed to the eye,

Save for sandy footprints from a dipped toe

An ocean of blue, expanding to the horizon to hem the sky and sea together


Such vastness in a microcosm,

A ripple, a wisp of cloud, a breath of a breeze,

Drawing into the soul,

Bringing a peace to the wrestling blue within,

Blue is a breath, a beat, a pulse

A place to be still, to reboot and refill,


Wide, far and insular blue.





March 2020

Beneath the Mask

Beneath the mask of menopause

There’s something going on,

A new woman’s emerging,

Gaining wisdom to be strong.


The naivety of youth gone,

She may sing her autumn song,

But this Mermaid Mother’s surfacing, Working out where she belongs.


Though the path she treads seems treacherous,

It is no way all just gloom,

For with change there’s always challenge, And a new chance she can bloom.


Cast aside the talk of ageing,

Where it’s said downhill from here,

For she’s changing such perceptions,

And she’s letting go of fear.


Beneath the mask of menopause

There’s something going on,

A new woman’s emerging,

A woman who is strong.



 October 2019


You don't need to tell me how to style and fix my hair

You don't need to tut or shrug about what I choose to wear

You don't need to limit me in what I choose to do

You don't need to hold me back from trying something new

You don't need to pigeonhole my skills in any way

You don't need to talk for me as if I have nothing to say

You don't need to write me off or say I'm getting old

You don't need to like itas you watch me break the mould

September 2019

Mermaid Moment

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