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This collection is a true celebration of the writer that I have become, a culmination of the last five years of focusing upon my passion and writing from the heart.

"With simple words I can see the world from the poet's perspective. This is the best one yet - I'm rereading it cover to cover and that is a very rare thing for me. " Lily Lawson

(Read more of Lily's review here - Lily's Writing Life

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I am extremely proud and honoured to share this with you.  My first book marks an achievement, making a positive out of difficult circumstances. This memoir style narrative looks at my journey through midlife and motherhood, whilst dealing with menopause and associated mental health issues. It is written with honesty and humour and reviews summarise it as an uplifting read. I hope you enjoy it.


When I left teaching to focus upon my writing, this was the book that I hoped I would find the strength to write. I didn't know it then and the thought of being able to write a whole novel seemed so much of a stretch but here I am - with a published historical fiction and I'm so proud to share it with you.

'Doris had always been strong, the one to hold family together, and although she had lost many things in her life, she always found ways to keep going. Now she faces her most difficult challenge. With dementia encroaching, she is desperate to hold onto her memories whilst she can still share them with her granddaughter.'

My Books: Recent Books

This is my latest poetry collection, celebrating the little moments of life, wherever we may find them, the ones that often become treasured memories. 

This collection is "touching, nostalgic, and tender without being sentimental... Exquisite."

The poems may bring a smile or a tear at times, but they certainly won't disappoint.

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Click & Connect

A work that marks a moment in time, my most recent work combines poetry, thoughts and stories that have arisen from the common experiences of the  pandemic and offers hope, support and connection - something that we all need a little of.

I'm proud to see that some of the poetry

from this collection is being shared

regularly at 'Chatty Cafe' meetings and

has been featured by 'The Organic Poet.'

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Diary of a Dizzy Peri

This collection of poems and thoughts on midlife, menopause and mental health sees me waving my menovist flag, writing to empower and support others and breaking a few taboos along the way. 

Taking the form of a diary, where the

entries are poems, this collection

offers hope, humour and a little insight

into a time that doesn't have to be a

'midlife crisis.'

"If you're a woman of a certain age or

live with one, READ THIS!"

Peri poem book cover.jpg
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October 2019

"Tiredness had seeped into all aspects of my life, acting like a domino effect on mood, rational thought, patience and ability to function day-to-day."

Read about my struggle with self-confidence during my journey through Perimenopause. I was proud to be one of three finalists to have their articles featured in the magazine 'Health and Her' during the Perimenopause awareness month of October 2019.



December 2019

I was honoured to have my story included in the December 2019 edition of the magazine 'Menopause Matters.'


The article looked at how writing has been my support mechanism to work through many issues and an aid in helping me to focus on my mental health...

"My writing uses my poems and commentary to try to make sense of the 21st century."

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