Karen poses for an author shot on a sunny day in the park.


Author Poet Blogger

Since taking the plunge into the world of writing full time I have published four books and developed my blog commenting upon life as I see it. My writing has been featured on radio interviews and in magazine articles and I am thrilled that my work continues to spark conversation and connection. Whether it be a blog piece, poem or story, writing is giving me opportunities to talk about challenging subjects: midlife, menopause, mental health and dementia. 

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I have written in one way or another from an early age, mostly poetry at first, then scripts for various groups to perform. Whilst both of those still feature heavily, I am now finding my voice as a writer through other genres and am excited to see where this will take me next.
Beyond my writing, I devote my energies to my family: husband, two grown-up children and a dog, alongside leading a local drama group and baking when the mood takes me.